Monuments, Memorials & Statues

RLS Restoration Ltd are experts in cleaning, restoring and re-bronzing monuments, memorials and statues.


Stone is composed of minerals and salts. Monuments and memorials in direct contact with the earth are constantly wicking water from the ground and evaporating it along its surface. Industrial and automotive pollution are also a contributing factor to the discolouration of the stone. Another source of surface disfigurement is chemicals such as iron and copper in the water supply. Chemical cleaners have other problems as well. Marble and limestone, for example, are easily dissolved by acidic cleaners, even in dilute forms. In addition, chemicals can react with components of mortar, stone, or brick to create soluble salts which can cause efflorescence, or worse, a build up of salts just beneath the surface of the stone eventually causing spalling.

Careful Cleaning can remove atmospheric dirt, carbon dirt, biological growth such as algae & moss, also general soiling and leave the monument looking clean & cared for, once done it will last for many years before needing to be done again.


Many statues and monuments have much of their original patina intact beneath layers of dirt & grime. Pollutants, acid rain, pigeons and other such factors all contribute to the acceleration of bronze corrosion. If bronze is neglected for long periods, full bronze restoration can prove costly.

Regular removal of dirt and grime followed by regular waxing / re-lacquering is part of the RLS Restoration Ltd maintenance service.