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Shaun Payne

Stone Mason

A qualified stonemason with over 10 years experience work on Lincoln Cathedral, gaining both City & Guilds and Advanced City & Guilds in Stone Masonry. Since then spending over the next 10 years traveling all over the UK working on and looking after War Memorials. In 2004 launching RLS Restoration in Lincoln, working on RBS planned and reactive maintenance programmes for a number of different companies and now sub-contracting to ISS. We are also currently working on a 7 year contract with English Heritage, carrying out planned and re-active maintenance and hope we will be able to offer you our services in the future.


Superheated Water Cleaning

One of the most portable and versatile environmentally-friendly surface cleaning systems. Can be used to remove paints, chewing gum, wax, surface treatments, bitumen, and organic matter from substrates.

Vortech Abrasive System

One of the most advanced gentle but effective swirling abrasive systems available, remotely controlled by operator. Removes brittle soilings and coatings such as carbon sulphation, lime encrustation and limewash.


The ThermaVac unit has been designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the water system. It enables the superheated water to be applied directly to a relatively flat surface within an enclosure and for the waste products to be drawn away from the substrate.

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16 Jul 2019

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Masonry Refurbishment Head office at Gaydon Warwickshire A little job at Aston Martin factory in Gaydon, raking out the old pointing, clean the stone, then re-point 100m2 and all complete in 3 days. What a difference it has made!  
Aston Martin
Eastgate School in Lincoln
25 May 2019

Eastgate School in Lincoln

Bringing a School Entrance back to Life St. Peter in Eastgate School Take down existing gate pillars, rebuild with new stone, as well as replacing eroded wall at Eastgate school in Lincoln. All ready for some new gates to be installed, these are going to look really nice!  
15 Mar 2019

Superheated Water System ThermaTech®

Getting your products patented can be a lengthy process, but it's a great way to protect the intellectual property of your inventions. We are extremely delighted to announce that we have now been granted a patent for the trademarked ThermaTech® superheated water system, originally filed back in January 2011. Here's a little bit more about our patented product, including how it all came about in the first place. WHY THERMATECH®? Since its introduction, ThermaTech® has quickly become established as a frequently named and specified cleaning and restoration method, being used in a number of important and notable projects. To date, it has been used on Royal Palaces (including the Palace of Westminster), Cathedrals, prestigious landmark buildings like Tower Bridge, as well…
Superheated Water System ThermaTech®