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Graffiti Removal

RLS Restoration are experts in graffiti removal, with a fast response for removing offensive graffiti. It is always best to remove graffiti as soon as possible…

Using the “3 B’s”

  • Before it gets chance to harden
  • Before more is added
  • Before it changes the character of the neighbourhood

One “tag” on a wall invites another “tag” and eventually it wears the area down, people don’t feel safe in areas with graffiti and it has a negative impact on businesses.

Graffiti removed from:

  • Historic Buildings
  • Monuments & Statues
  • Factories & Business Parks
  • Shopping Malls, Shops & Car Parks
  • Private Houses
  • Road Signs

We can remove graffiti from all surfaces and once removed we can install coatings to protect against graffiti.